Rock-a-Bye Baby

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by: mishi  ~~~~~   Posted on: 07-02-2008 @ 12:02 pm



tues 2 july 2008


Well, since I’ve talked about the head and the banging thereof, I might as well talk about rocking back and forth, another lifelong strategy. For many years there were rocking chairs at my disposal, so no one thought it odd much that I would sit and rock back and forth for as long as an hour. Maybe they should have, but they didn’t. But in the rockerless years, my need to do this at times has risked becoming obvious to anyone around me, so I hid it for years and only did it in secret. But when the hell years of non-stop trauma began in 1997, I began losing my ability to control when and where I rocked. By 1999 the control was just about gone. I’m sure countless people have seen me rocking back and forth on my steps, my porches, park benches, etc. Yet another reason to feel they can treat me any way they like: I’m a weirdo with Asperger’s who rocks back and forth. 

Update 19 Sept 2009:  Just for history’s sake, the day I wrote this post was the day Matthew took me to his place and told me people wanted to kill me. That’s all I got that day, July 2, 2008. Other information came on other days.