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Thursday 4 November 2010

Well, all this time I’ve wanted this blog that was named after Mishi to have a theme with water, because of Mishi’s great love for that substance. But today I had to give up on the Mistylook theme, at least for a while, and change over to Thirteen, the theme I use for most of my other WordPress blogs.

That horrible format that comes along from Wrongplanet when I copy my posts there and move them here causes a whole lot of trouble. The format won’t let me do what I want to do in setting up the page, and a few minutes ago an entire post was eaten because I was trying to do something the format apparently didn’t want me to do. Added to the Wrongplanet problem is the WordPress problem: namely faulty scrolling in the edit mode, and it’s been going on for over a month, and I wish the hell WordPress would fix it.

Anyway, I’m going to see if all these problems are a little easier to work around on the Thirteen theme than they were on the Mistylook. Don’t know…….     Much later: nope. But I’ve kept the Thirteen theme anway.

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