About Mishi/Anne

Mishi’s the dog, Anne’s the human (theoretically).

I’ve said it before elsewhere, but here it is again: the original Mishi blog was begun in 2008 on the Asperger’s/Autism website WrongPlanet. I’m copying it onto wordpress because of technical things I can’t do on WrongPlanet.

Because I have Asperger’s, I had wanted to blog on a site devoted to that issue, and talk mainly about how having Asperger’s affects my reactions to non-autistic people and their reactions to me. But nearly two years on that site produced almost no result. Most of the people blogging there are quite young. They have no interest in what an old lady like me has to say, and I in turn have no interest in most of what interests them. I wanted feedback on problems with smiling, faces, neurotypical talking in circles, and so on. But I got very little. I haven’t had any on wordpress so far either, as far as Asperger’s is concerned, so I guess there just aren’t the readers I hoped for on this topic.


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