Anne the Aspergian


by: mishi

Posted on: 11-07-2009 @ 09:40 am



Saturday 7 Nov 2009, Greenfield  ~~~~~~~  To take hold of it, this Asperger’s, and not fight it anymore, in the certain ways that I did try to fight it and fit in. Never again try to fit, never again try to please, and fail to please. Never again psychologically venture out of my own world into theirs. This is what I strive for now, in the aftermath of the psychotic mafia chick and the criminal landlady and the loss of my family, and everything else that has been brought about by neurotypicals over the last two years.My grandfather (said Matthew), mafia man, murdered by his thug colleagues years before I was born. Would I have pleased him in any small way, if he had known me? Doubt it.

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