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Tuesday 1 September 2009/Naming

by: mishi  Posted on: 09-01-2009 @ 03:03 pm



Greenfield So I’m reading Robison’s Look Me In the Eye, and thus far I’ disappointed. There are far more details about life events than there are about how the Asperger’s affected him on a daily basis. That’s what I look for in these books, a lot of meat about the autistic symptoms themselves. Anyway, it’s the first book in which I’ve come across anything about naming. Robison says he liked to name people for himself, but he did it out loud.

I didn’t. All my life I’ve had names for various people, but they were secrets that I used only in my head or on my journals. And I name places, even if they already have their own names, I give them ones I like better. I even name plants and trees, when I don’t know their actual names. Anyway, I thought this naming thing was just an eccentricity of mine, but now I read about someone else with Asperger’s doing something similar.



Sorry the weeks have been rough, Peter D. Yesterday was an unusually bad day for me, and I haven’t reovered from it yet. If anyone has any interest, I wrote about it today on Maybe I name you Peter of the Black Forest, said forest being the troll-laden hierarchy you struggle in.

Peter D had left a comment, but once again malicious software has taken over. WrongPlanet pages, where this was originally written, have some kind of prgrammed format that got copied right along with my text. So when I reprint the pages here on WordPress, I have that nasty format I’m stuck with. For months it’s been working relatively well, the transfer, but for the last several weeks something in the WordPress program is going nuts when I try to edit the Wrongplanet format. Won’t let me scroll much, eats text all away if I do one lousy backspace, etc. Anyway, I had given Peter the nickname Black Forest Peter, and he’d replied that he’d once actually lived in a neighborhood called Black Forest when he was young and new in his career. He said he walked on air in those days, while “trolls” were “sniggering” all around him.

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