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Page Fifty-three

Thursday 27 August 2009/PeterD

by: mishi     Posted on: 08-27-2009 @ 11:56 am


Well, this post, originally written in August 2009 on Wrongplanet, was just eaten by malicious software. It was addressed to someone on that website called Peter D, who had previously written to me about all neurotypicals marching in lockstep and doing their best to shun or belittle or otherwise bully us Aspies because we do not march to their step. And he’d left a very intelligent and honest comment on this post too about some of his struggles with NT’s at his job, which the software has also just eaten. He was about my age, and from Australia.

I had answered him in the eaten post to the effect that I’d also been swimming upstream all my life against the vast neurotypical tide of pressure to conform and be just like them. And that, like his, my success rate had always been very low. It’s too bad his very excellent and very human comment is now evaporated.

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