Late diagnosis

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Monday 24 August 2009   Greenfield

by: mishi    Posted on: 08-24-2009 @ 02:11 pm


 Yup, very late. Already an old crone when diagnosed. 

Thanks, Suffix for your comment on my last post. And good luck with your book. I wasn’t diagnosed myself until I was 55, so I guess I’m an old geezer compared to you. It’s still confusing for me, all of it. How the conditions on the autism spectrum vary from person to person. Two different people, at two different Aspergers associations, told me a couple of years ago that if you’ve met one person with Aspergers, then you’ve met ONE person with Aspergers. It seems to me now to be true.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  website  ~~~~~~~~~~~ 


Comment By: peterd(Posted on 08-25-2009 @ 06:54 am)
Comment: It is true. The original design flaw takes effect fairly early. After that, the sufferer – usually, the ignorant sufferer – has to make what sense they can of life, and that’s different for every one of us. Many of us have an aspie parent or two – usually undiagnosed and ignorant – and they can pollute the mix fairly effectively. Many of us have an NT parent, and they can confuse things fairly thoroughly too.







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