Carol and Donna

Tuesday 11 August 2009

by: mishi

Posted on: 08-11-2009 @ 11:22 am



Again, thanks for responding. I’m a computer dodo, Carol, I don’t know how to PM. But you could email me at I wouldn’t share your email address with anyone else. I’ve nearly reached the end of Donna Williams’ book. I’d truly like someone to be nobody with. Donna wants a truce with the NT world, but I no longer do. I am more soured on the NT world than ever. But she does talk about this lifelong battle to keep that world at bay and at the same time the battle to join it. It’s a constant inner war at cross purposes with itself. For me, my world has won out. I only want my world. Maybe you, Carol, have made a different decision. Nice hearing from you. Anne



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