For Notez

by: mishi

Posted on: 07-21-2009 @ 12:23 pm



Tuesday 21 July 2009   Turners

Notez, thanks for your comment of July 2. I know I’ve had the depression and anxiety since childhood, and many therapists over the years have confirmed that. The PTSD was diagnosed in 1999 by a long-term therapist. And though I’ve believed myself for four years that I have Aspergers, I have so far only Matthew’s word for it. As I’ve said before, tests (they certainly looked like tests) were run on me last year in public. Matthew took me to one of them. He explained yet another one to me, as I didn’t understand what it was testing. When these events were over, Matthew told me I had Aspergers. Who and what is Matthew? I still believe he’s an undercover agent or detective, until someone proves to me that he’s a hoaxter. But you will all believe whatever gives you the least discomfort.

As for the streets, they are no place for ANYONE. But I would say least of all for a 55-year-old woman with physical illnesses and psychological ones too. But this is how the Department of Mental Health left me 16 months ago, and they didn’t care. And Matthew, supposedly protecting me all last year from a gangland bullet, and supposedly in love with me, has not cared either.

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