So much is still the same


by: mishiPosted on: 07-15-2009 @ 10:04 am



Wed 15 July 2009   GreenfieldI just read a post I wrote in this blog first in May 2008. I updated it early this year, and have just done so again. But it says in there that I had been thrown out of my own world that I’d made with my animals and thrown too much into the human world that I cannot handle. Sixteen months after the sheriff came, it’s still true. I still don’t have an apartment, the animals and the world I made for myself are all gone, and I cannot handle the things I’ve been pushed into. I talk about people crawling around me like so many ants, and that’s still how it feels. I talk about most of the conversation I hear being superficial or outright stupid. It stings, it gives me headaches, it makes me want to run, but there’s no place to run to. My own world is gone.


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