face to face

by: mishiPosted on: 06-27-2009 @ 11:40 am



Sat 27 June 2009        Greenfield

This morning I was on my way to this library when I saw a sign for a pancake breakfast at a church. It’s a church I like to support a tiny bit if I can (though I am an atheist) because there’s a woman there who’s very good to me every Friday afternoon.

So inside, this man I’ve never seen before invites me to sit with him. It turns out he has Asperger’s too. So we have breakfast and talk and it’s good, and the first time ever that I’ve met face-to-face another person with Asperger’s. He gave me a list of books he likes, and the first one I’ve asked the library to get for me is Nobody Nowhere, by Donna Williams. Maybe you know it already.


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