Anne and Mishi

Anne Nakis and Mishi

by: mishi

Posted on: 06-20-2009 @ 11:33 am



Sat 20 June 2009     Greenfield

Anne is someone different than she was for 55 years, before the taking of her home and everyone she loves. She’s someone different because of things a man told her about her life being in danger and protection from feds. He’s the same person who told me I had Aspergers after these public-run tests were over. I believed I had Aspergers anyway, and have believed it for several years. After everything that has happened in the last fifteen months, my fear of other people is greater than ever, my distaste for them is greater than ever. My desire not to look at their eyes is greater than ever, and I’m certainly less inclined to smile than I ever was.

Mishi was one of the two dogs that were taken from me in this whole illegal eviction disaster. He was supposed to be in foster care and I was supposed to have a chance to get him back. He would have been 11 years old last July, but this is what I suspect happened to him, based on small things that were said: That he and my other dog ended up in the possession of the mentally disturbed landlady who had evicted us, and that she soon had Mishi put to sleep because she didn’t want to deal with his epilepsy. I believe she kept my other dog, Mishi’s daughter, and has her still. No one has ever told me definitively what happened to my two dogs, but this is what I believe from small utterances both before and after the eviction.




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