by: mishi

Posted on: 01-17-2009 @ 10:39 am



Saturday 17 January 2009 Northampton

Chan, Chailin and Ziidjian, three souls I love deeply, would have been 13 today if they had not been taken from me, hidden, euthanized… under the caring, treacherous hand of the Department of Mental Health. 

I’d love for an activist lawyer or journalist to someday come and read how various agencies of various kinds of government have treated me; these things I was looking for way back in the beginning when I started my on-line journals. I still need them.

Update 24 August 2009:   I’m actually not sure to this day if the federal “protection” situation had anything at all to do with my illegal eviction and the disappearance of my animals. Maybe yes, maybe no. But I was still in the fiercest of my anger and the worst of my anxiety when I wrote this post, and now I’ve edited out a lot of that ferocity. After all, in our current societal mood, angry = insane. So many people by the time I wrote this post had told me that the FBI can do anything it wants, without conscience or scruples, that anything that happened to me or didn’t happen could potentially have had them behind it. I still don’t know how much had them behind it, because these are some of the many questions Matthew will not answer.



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