Visuals; Water; A Dog

Friday 18 June 2010      Greenfield

In Grünefeld again this morning doing errands. Running the risk, as always, of an ugly undercover, psychotic song-and-dance with Matthew, self-described best undercover man. It hasn’t happened yet, but there’s still time. When I came last week, he quite magnanimously left me alone. Can I hope for that twice — we’ll see.

As of a few minutes ago, I decided to give all of my WordPress journals the same theme graphics, something green entitled Thirteen. All of the journals but this one.

This one keeps the water and the trees, in memory of Mishi himself. More than any of my dogs, Mishi loved to go into water. And as I’ve said before, he didn’t care if it was pristine like the water in this theme header, or stagnant and black as the night. Maybe something about lying down in water helped his epilepsy (for which he took phenobarb) somehow, I don’t know.


And there he is on the last morning we ever had together, heading for that stream.

So, Mishibone, for you I leave this theme in place. If the water were real and not a photo in cyberspace, and if you were still real, not murdered somewhere by someone, I’d get wet to my waist if I had to to be in this water with you. You were 100 times the man that Matthew is.


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