The Fascist Bureau of Inhumanity

mishiPosted on: 10-06-2008 @ 02:19 pm



6 October 2008      Still living outside in Turners FallsSix nights outside in a row. The soles of my feet are rotting from always being wet. I’m protected from a bullet (according to Matthew), but apparently from nothing else. Otherwise I am left outdoors to languish in true nazily sadistic fashion day by day. Remember how subject we aspies are to psychological bullying. 

Link to the Shelter Life page of my website.

Update 3 Sept 2009:  As I’ve said other places and other times, after Matthew told me about the FBI protection I believed unshakably that I could not choose my own place to live, that the federal people were in charge of that. Matthew knew I believed this. And here I was 11 months ago, living outside and waiting for the feds to do what I believed they were supposed to do. If in fact the FBI is/was in my life, then I am no more a human being to them than I was to the psychotic landlady, or the mafia-chick, or the Department of Mental Health.










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