They so want me to be delusional

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mishi…   Posted on: 09-16-2008 @ 01:28 pm



tues 16 sept 2008,  the shelter in Turners Falls… 

 I remember that some months ago I read that 90% of Asperger’s children are subject to bullying at school, and I figure that we can extrapolate from that statistic the fact that all Aspies are much more subject to all kinds of bullying in their lives than NT’s are. And I have indeed experienced a great deal of psychological bullying in my life, but none greater than what the mafia-chick, the psycho landlady, and the federal types have done (or seem by inference to be doing, based on the little information I got from Matthew). They have bullied me in that way, and through my physical illnesses. As if I were the criminal. No, it was the landlady and the other tenant and their pals who were, and are, the criminals, and yet I had everything taken away from me and was hung on a hook to dangle for organized crime (it seems), more than six months ago. What I thought was being done by the DMH alone was, I now know (based, as always, on Matthew’s words), was possibly also being done at the behest of others. I had accidentally, unwittingly stirred up a real, bona fide mob, and though I’ve led a crime-free life, I’ve been the one punished. punished incessantly for 6 months. I seriously doubt they would have hung a woman on a hook who was not poor, or who had a husband or family of humans to stick up for her. Even after they found out in early July that I am autistic, they still didn’t take me off the hook. They haven’t taken me off yet (and Matthew has never yet disputed my belief that I’m somehow bait). I’m sure they wouldn’t have done this behind-the-back, bait-hook “protection” if I weren’t single, or poor, or weird.

Update 14 Sept 2009: I still feel the same way, a year later. If in fact I had this protection done in this underhanded way, then I still believe it was because I was to be used as bait. And I still believe this wouldn’t have been done to me if I’d been of a different social class, and married, and neurotypical. 

And why do certain people so want me to be delusional? Why is it so important to them that this be written down on papers and passed around verbally? I think partly it’s because delusional is a diagnosis certain psychobabbles enjoy making: just as a murder is a more exciting case for a cop than a break-in is, delusional is a more exciting diagnosis for a bonehead to make than, say, clinically depressed. It makes them feel they’re earning their pay. And also people simply don’t want to believe that in this small community the ugly thing that seems to have happened to me vis a vis criminal types and federal types could happen to anyone. Not in this “nice” little community.

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(this post is part of the book Spite and Malice)

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Comment By: Monkfish(Posted on 09-19-2008 @ 10:20 am)
Comment: what a bunch of cunts!



Comment By: Demongirl(Posted on 09-28-2008 @ 11:46 pm)
Comment: I hated elementry and middle school becaused I was bullyed so bad I am totally afriad of any kind of human contact what so ever! So I don’t have any friends, just so I feel safe! I don’t even liked to be touched by a person! EVER! Which is why I’m designing posters for my thesis that promote better treatment of autistic children in school so they will have better lives. It seems like we get the worst end of the stick just because we have some diffilculties. SO NOT FAIR!



Comment By: Dyfi(Posted on 10-01-2008 @ 05:43 am)
Comment: I have Aspergers and I am bullied soooo much. You think thats bad, the teachers fuckin blame it on me. I get hurt, I assaulted someone.




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