Wrongly and Cruelly Done

Page Thirteen

by: mishi

Posted on: 06-25-2008 @ 09:53 am



wed 25 june 2008 Greenfield                                                                      So… I’m going to continue writing about the unauthorized Asperger’s testing that someone or other put me through last week, in public places, on sehnen.wordpress.com, if you want to see what certain buffoons do to earn their money. Matthew has told me these are tests, so I’m not imagining it, and please no one insinuate that I am. If he’s lying, or you come up with that as an excuse for not believing me, so be it. But it’s out of his mouth that these are tests. Here’s the other “Asperger’s” poem I forgot the other day. Written long before I ever heard the word, and yet to me it is all about having asperger’s.

From You to Me                       

                 Sparks from your eyes fly
                 at my insolence.
                 You fancy I don’t see them.
                 I am insolent,
                 believing my beliefs with easy ardor,
                 fomenting things in a virile voice.
                 I am arrogant,
l                living in this tepid time,
                 on fire.
                 And so you send your sparks.
                 Watching them fly, red-hot,
                 to my face,
                 I comprehend I can’t be loved,
                 but never understand.

here to the Asperger’s page, or here to Poetry.

Update 23 Sept 2009: I still don’t know who ordered those tests that were done on me in public places without my consent. I only know that when they were over, Matthew told me I had Aspergers. That’s all I know.



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