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Posted on: 06-23-2008 @ 06:42 pm…    



mon 23 june 2008      Greenfield 

Aspinator: thank you for your response regarding aspies and bullying. I agree with everything you said.If anyone’s interested in reading about the Asperger’s tests that the DMH (at least, I assume it’s them) has been conducting on me in public places and without my consent, see sehnen.wordpress.com. I started writing about them tonight.

I have two old poems I found, from the year 2000, that I consider to be about living with Asperger’s, even though I’d never heard of Asperger’s when I wrote them. One of them I forgot to bring with me. Here’s the other:


Amethyst & Rose


                                            In some good faith
                          I let fall the crystals
                             sprouted on the core-stone of
                                my ever-scrying self,
                                 waiting for the eyes
                                 in whose light
                                 they will be jewels.

as usual, tick-tock, tick-tock. loose ends to tie, etc.

 Asperger’s page of my website is here



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