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by: mishi      Posted on: 05-30-2008 @ 10:31 am



still May 30, 2008 Greenfield MAJust read greentea’s posting about how NT’s dislike arguing about the real issue; they’d rather argue around it. I’ve noticed this myself in recent years, and I hope greentea’s advice helps people. But I just can’t do it. Discussing, arguing in a circle around the real point aggravates both my anxiety disorder and my physical illnesses. It exhausts me mentally and physically. And it makes me afraid. Because when someone avoids the reality of anything between us, it makes me afraid i’m going to get stabbed in the back. And i usually do.

Update 6 August 2009: Haven’t changed my thinking or my feelings on this subject one iota. I cannot cope with the NT talking in circles, talking without directness, playing social games.



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