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by: mishiPosted on: 05-30-2008 @ 09:59 am



May 29, 2008    Greenfield     Smackerlacker, who left a comment on my last entry, thanks for your response. If you have a blog of your own I can go to, I couldn’t find it.Someone else responded to my last entry too. Coincidentally enough, he shares both a name and an occupation with one of the DMH workers who destroyed my life. I wrote back to him. Whoever he is, he’s trying to play my buddy, my cheerleader, for some irrational reason. I told him I despise him, just in case he’s the one I know. If he wants to keep writing to someone who despises him, then he has even more psych issues than I thought.

As always, my time is too short with the computer. A few words from wise people:

“the unexamined life is not worth living”

Either Socrates or Aristotle, can’t recall which. So how many people do you know, my fellow oddies, who really examine their lives and conduct and motivations on a regular basis? Jung tells us we need to integrate our conscious and sub-conscious minds, but how can that happen without reflection and examination?

“Human beings are a lot meaner and stupider than they think they are.

Kurt Vonnegut. I think we oddies know better than anyone how mean and stupid the NT’s can be, but they themselves have no idea of it.

Update 4 August 2009: It’s a long time since I first wrote this post, but I stand by my quote from Kurt now and always: Human beings are a lot meaner and stupider than they think they are. If I ever have an apartment again, I’m going to draw a big sign with those words and hang it in a prominent place.

 (the sculpture, in its entirety, is available from






Comment By: Wimbledonski(Posted on 06-15-2008 @ 04:36 am)
Comment: I agree 1One Hundred 0/0Percent that neurotypicals are plain normal LIKE PLAIN FLOUR; not spceials, unlike Ourself’s FULLSTOP.[ Delete this Comment ]

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