is cuimhin liom na laethe

Page Eight……      by: mishiPosted on: 05-21-2008 @ 09:44 am



May 21, 2008     Greenfield      

 There should be another poem.

Number 4                                      

                              My mutant soul
                              wears thorns that only you
                              My impassioned soul
                              sprouts fires that warmed
                              only you.
                              They’ve taken from me all balance
                              (this isn’t cruel?),
                              all blanketing
                              (this isn’t wrong?),
                              all meaning in the marking
                              of the hours;
                              left me shivering naked
                              in a timeless place.
                              Left me staring
                              into empty space.    

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So much of my life I strained to fit in with them, the neurotypicals, strained to fit in at least enough to satisfy that primate need for the companionship of our own kind. And I got meanness, viciousness, abandonment, ridicule, and so on. It’s really only since I started learning about Asperger’s three years ago that I gave up trying to fit at all, gave myself permission to be neurologically different. But they wouldn’t give me permission. Had to keep up with the aggression until I had nothing left.

Update 27 July 2009: What can I say more than a year later? I want to be away from them, most of the humans. I don’t want to look, don’t want to hear, don’t want to speak. I want only the eyes and ears and bodies of the animals I love, who were stolen and hidden here and there, and lies were told to me about where, and I was never allowed to visit any of the ones they let live a while. I don’t want the humans. I have one human, neurotypical friend now. Her voice I want, the sight of her I want. Otherwise the humans are more a burden than they ever were, because they have traumatized me and stolen from me more than I could bear.

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