Page Six

by: mishi  Posted on: 05-07-2008 @ 02:07 pm



Wed 7 May 2008      Greenfield

Information about diagnosing Asperger’s in adults. I’d like to find some of that. Symptoms I’ve heard of: not smiling much, not liking to be touched, skin very sensitive to fabric, developing very passionate interests, relating much better to animals than people, being very fearful and anxious, having difficulty figuring out what’s in other people’s minds, prefering to live in one’s own world, whether that’s an actual physical place or a place inside your mind.

Anyway, where do people like that get a sense of belonging. I got mine mostly from animals.

Update 21 July 2009, Turners: Still the same. My own world was taken away, and I can hardly exist in this one. I have one human friend now, and she is willing to give time to me that other friends in the past have not. And it is a hard job, I’m sure, because I am little better than a ghost after having all the animals taken and being made homeless and then being told that people wanted to kill me. Despite medication, I dislike human beings more now than ever, and fear them more (except for the one friend), and don’t want to participate in their world at all.


                                                                       Some of those who, in what was my own life, loved me, and were loved in return.

 Asperger’s      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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