suffocating. wrongplanet post #2

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                   “time passes, never to be recalled.”  ~~~  virgil


                   this is my stolen, murdered dog, Mishi. at the time I’m adding this photo, I’m quite sure he’s dead. the original asperger’s blog on wrongplanet was named for him, as is this copy of that blog.                


sat 3 may 2008    greenfield

thanks to the incompetence, or cruelty, or stupidity, or all three, of the Department of Mental Health in greenfield MA, I, who lived my life with animals and with my various interests, have been left homeless, all my animals gone, thrust into a street life with humans crawling around me all the time like hordes of ants. because I’m misanthropic and rather reclusive, and because I have asperger’s, I’m extremely stressed by having more than a very few people around me for more than a couple of hours. now as a homeless bum hanging in cafes and libraries and whatever else, walking streets all day, every day, with what feels like legions of pests around me all the time, I’m suffocating in the ants. suffocating in their phoniness, their mood swings, their untruthfulness, and their secret code of shmoozing that I mostly don’t understand.

I don’t even know if Mishi is dead or alive….. this blog is truly going to focus on Asperger’s, real soon. but that’s not to say that the other pressing issues — the actions of some very twisted people — won’t also show up here.

update tues 20 jan 2009, northampton — tears, tears, public tears. and they are only a part of the sorrow-flood that’s in me. more than once my so-called protectors seem to have tried to take me to a home (these people are a whole other gaggle of miscreants from the ones who created my homelessness and the larceny of my animals). every time it doesn’t happen, this being located,  I remain whatever it is I am to them: bait? something else? I hadn’t yet been told about these people, these protectors, on the day I first wrote this post eight months ago. someone who calls himself matthew lacoy is the one who told me, in early july of 2008. his name will no doubt come up many times in this blog. in all of my blogs. and in a couple of the books.

update 2 july 2009. greenfield:  I have indeed over the last 11 months seen many dramas acted out around me that looked like attempts to locate me, one of them made by matthew himself. why doesn’t it happen? why are there only failed attempts?


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  1. Ariane5 said,

    January 29, 2011 at 6:05 pm


  2. mishibone said,

    January 30, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    Thanks, Ariane. I can hardly ever think about him — and about his ending that certain people in this hellhole of a town will NOT give me details about –without crying.

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